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3D Printing Project

Year 4 has been offered an opportunity to take part in a 3D printing project run by Create Education in conjunction with BAE systems.

About 3D Printing

3D printing is a process where a digital model created using computer-aided design software (CAD) is turned into a physical three-dimensional object by adding material a layer at a time.

It is also known as additive manufacturing and is changing how we manufacture and create, but not just in industry.

Innovative designs are being used to develop machine parts, prosthetic limbs, sustainable housing and even 3D-printed medications.


Please see the video below about how a 3D printer works.

3D Printing

Year 4 Keyring Project

We are using 3D software, Tinkercad, to create our keyring designs.

The next step of the 3D printing process is to 'slice' the 3D design in Cura and upload this file to the 3D printer.

Here is a video clip of the 3D printer in action: