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                                                                                   Meet the Governors

                                                        As a Family we do our best with God in our hearts

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me: Philippians 4 Verse 13

Our loving school endeavours to provide the best possible all-round education in a Christian setting. We will be a family that does our best with God in our hearts understanding that we are all His children. We aim for all within our school to develop spiritually, morally, academically and culturally.


Governors Prayer


Heavenly Father, May your strength support us in our leadership,

May your grace open our hearts and minds,

May the light of your spirit enter our discussions,

May your wisdom inspire our decisions;

May your mercy bring compassion and understanding into our relationships,

May your forgiveness bring us humility:

And may Christ's love be at the heart of all we do in His name.


Chair of Governors:(Acting) Dr Victoria Higham

Vice Chair Of Governors:Mrs Jane Horman


Foundation Governor: Dr Victoria Higham

Foundation Governor: Mrs Ruth Howarth

Foundation Governor: Vacant Position

Community Governor: Mrs Marie Allonby

Community Governor: Ms Mandy Gardner

Community Governor: Mrs Jane Horman

Community Governor: Miss Uzma Hussain(Deputy Head)

Local Authority Governor: Mr Alan Woodhouse

Parent Governor: Mr Adam Beswick

Parent Governor: Mrs Emma Hodge

Parent Governor: Mr Jonathan Partlin

Parent Governor: Mrs Jodie Sargeson

Staff Governor: Mr Shaun Baldwin

Head Teacher: Mrs Tracey Westwell

Curriculum and Standards Committee

Mrs E Hodge

Mrs AM Allonby

Mr S Baldwin

Mrs R Haworth

Dr V Higham

Mrs J Horman

Mrs T Westwell

Miss U Hussain

Resources Committee

Mr J Partlin

Mr A Beswick

Ms M Gardner

Mrs J Sargeson

Mr A Woodhouse

Mrs T Westwell

Miss U Hussain

Standards Committee

Mrs E Hodge

Dr V Higham

Mr J Partlin

Mrs T Westwell

Miss U Hussain