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Mission Statement and Vision

As a family we do our best with God in our hearts

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me: Philippians 4 Verse 13


  The Words of John Wesley-Our School Prayer

Do all the good you can.

                                                                                 By all the means you can

                                                                                   In all the ways you can

                                                                                 In all the places you can

                                                                                 At all the times you can

                                                                                To all the people you can

                                                                                 As long as ever you can.

Our Vision

Our loving school endeavours to provide the best possible all-round education in a Christian setting. We will be a family that does our best with God in our hearts understanding that we are all His children. We aim for all within our school to develop spiritually, morally, academically and culturally.


Hippings Methodist Primary School endeavours to provide the best possible all-round education in a Christian setting. 

The School acknowledges and values its foundation by the Methodist Church, continuing links with the local Methodist community and the principles which form the basis of Methodism.

Children are encouraged to develop a mature and positive attitude to themselves, to their relationships with others and to the life of the school in general.  High standards of behaviour and respect for others are expected. We aim to foster the social skills and moral awareness that will enable the children to be safe and become well-balanced individuals, who will make a positive contribution to the society in which they live.

The School endeavours to develop, in its pupils, a sympathetic understanding of Christianity and to provide an opportunity to search for a faith by which to live.  While we exert no pressure to believe, Christian values are built into the ethos and teaching, with a mutual respect for all faiths.

We aim to ensure that the broad and balanced curriculum provides a Christian setting in which children can grow in understanding and develop appropriate skills, knowledge, attitudes and values. We encourage the children to become independent, resilient and articulate learners.

The School believes that this should take place in a safe, friendly and stimulating environment, distinguished by the quality of mutual care between all stakeholders: pupils, staff, parents, governors, Church and the local community.