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Meet The Staff


                                                ‘As a family we do our best with God in our hearts’

                            I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me: Philippians 4 verse 13


Our loving school endeavours to provide the best possible all-round education in a Christian setting. We will be a family that does our best with God in our hearts understanding that we are all His children. We aim for all within our school to develop spiritually, morally, academically and culturally.



Head Teacher: Mrs T. Westwell- BA(Hons)QTS, LPPH

Deputy Head Teacher: Miss U Hussain- BA(Hons)QTS

                                                  Office Bursar: Mrs J Wilkinson-Smith(CoveringPosition)

Class Teachers

Reception: Mrs K O’Hare – BA(Hons)PGCE

Year 1: Mrs S Griffiths- BA(Hons)QTS

Year 2: Miss U Hussain- BA(Hons)QTS

Year 3: Mr J Holden- BSc(Hons)PGCE

Year 4: Miss D Eccles- BSc(Hons)PGCE

Year 5: Mr S Baldwin- BSc(Hons)PGCE

Year 6: Mrs M Hunter- BA(Hons)PGCE

SENDCo: Miss N Summers- BSc(Hons)QTS

MFL: Mme Hargreaves- BA(Hons)PGCE

Music: Ms R Cotton- BA(Hons)Music PGCE


Teaching Assistant Support

Mrs S Ramsden -NVQ level 3

Mrs W McLean-NVQ level 3

Mrs D Bolton-NVQ level 3

Mrs H Taylor-NVQ level 3

                                                                             Mrs M Hodges-  NVQ level 3

   Mrs D Kennedy-NVQ level 3, Art Therapy

Mrs C Themistocles-Specialist Classroom support:Emotional and Behavioural

difficulties Level 3, City and Guilds:Specialist TA in Numeracy and Literacy

                                                          Mrs B Flood -Specialist Classroom support:


Welfare Assistants

Mrs D Bolton

Mrs M Hodges

                                                                                          Mrs D Mayor

Mrs W McLean

Mrs H Taylor

Miss L Thompson


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs W McLean

Mrs D Mayor

After School Club

Mrs L Williams

                                                                                         Miss C Smith


Site Supervisor and Cleaner

Mr A Cooper

Mrs A Ashton


Kitchen Staff

Mrs C Smith

Mrs S Allen

Mrs A Ashton

Miss J Wright